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The Seeker comes first above all else at Aunt Bertha. We're protective of Seekers and take extraordinary measures to serve their interests. Use of our search platform is free, we don't do ads, and we don't market to Seekers. This deep care flows through everything we do.

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we take extraordinary measures


It's important to build tools for Social Workers, Care Coordinators, and others to help people in need. However, it's also just as important to build software that allows people to help themselves.

Free Search & Referral

Our filtering criteria refines results down to the level of specificity needed, resulting in only the most relevant resources for a Seeker's unique needs. Enter your zip code into our free search to learn more.

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We're the only solution that addresses every zip code in the US. We touch every county with no preference between large cities, small towns, and rural areas. Try it yourself!

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Pathways to Help

When someone takes the step to seek help, that's a transformative moment. Our responsibility is to build on that momentum with a search experience that's simple, fast, and relevant.

Curated by Humans, Not Bots

Data curation is our biggest investment. We have an in-house Data Operations team, based in Austin, Texas. They're dedicated to researching information, entering new programs, and creating an intuitive experience for Seekers.

Velisia Escobar
Director, Reporting & Analysis
Chris Rodriguez
Data Quality Associate
Brooke Culbertson
Data Quality Associate
Timothy Wu
Data Quality Associate
Stephanie Downs
Data Quality Associate
Andrew Brokken
Data Quality Fellow
Shayra Madero-Fajardo
Data Quality Associate
Aimee Chaelani
Community Engagement Associate
Lauren Major
Data Quality Specialist
Jeremy Owens
Data Quality Specialist
Jackie Hernandez
Support & Data Quality Specialist
Aunt Bertha Senior Data Quality Specialist
Jeanette Sparks
Senior Data Quality Specialist
Aunt Bertha Data Quality Specialist Supervisor
Nazanin Garcia
Data Quality Specialist Supervisor
Aunt Bertha Data Project Manager
Christina Arteaga
Data Project Manager
Rigel Kim
Data Quality Fellow
Antonio Hernandez
Data Quality Fellow
Hannah Collmann
Data Quality Fellow
Emily O’Toole
Data Quality Fellow
AJ Ramirez
Data Quality Associate
Danielle Grinkmeyer
Data Quality Associate
Jayme Ramsay
Data Quality Specialist
Damaris Diaz-Climaco
Data Quality Associate
Isabella Orovio
Data Quality Fellow
Sarah Phillips
Data Quality Associate

Our Data Validation Process

  1. Identify Programs

    We find programs through four main sources: proprietary software, our human Data Team, customers, and users across the country.

  2. Verify Program

    Our Data Entry Specialists make calls to programs, verify fields, and make it easy for Seekers to digest info quickly.

  3. Optimize User Experience

    Our Quality Control Specialists check program results to ensure they are following taxonomy and described clearly. Every published listing is reviewed by two (real) humans!

  4. Publish Program

    We've been refining our data operations for almost a decade and have built the best database out there, by far. And we're still going — we add hundreds of programs every day!

  • We are teaching clients how to help themselves. It's a very valuable resource because it can be used right on the spot.
    Linda Murphy, RN, MS HEd
    UT Austin School of Nursing