Referral Management

Track the progress of your referrals all the way to completion.


Make referrals

Every program listing on the Aunt Bertha Platform includes an option to refer a client to social services so you can easily connect people in need and the programs that serve them.

Track Seeker Activity

An additional layer of tools on top of your referral workflow, including Goal Tracking and Notes, provides a complete picture of a Seeker's social service interactions.

Accept referrals

Social service providers can manage applications on Aunt Bertha, free of charge. This way, referrals you initiate are tracked through closure. Service providers can review applications, request additional info, confirm appointments and more, all within Aunt Bertha's platform.

Close the loop

Update the status of a referral you made so that all parties involved are up-to-date. Your client can also enter updates, as well as the organization receiving the referral.