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Our Mission

“To connect all people in need and the programs that serve them (with dignity and ease).” Millions of people use Aunt Bertha to find and connect with programs that serve them in their communities. Our network is now the largest and most widely used in the United States because we’ve designed every aspect of our platform for the people who are seeking help, first and foremost.

We power, our free online resource directory where anyone can search – for free – at any time, and connect with services in their area. We power another initiative, Resolve Magazine, where we profile people and organizations working for positive change in their communities.

By the Numbers

  • Number of Searches: 29,900,000+
  • Number of Users: 7,200,000+
  • Program Listings: 547,000+
  • Claimed Programs: 77,000+
  • Number of Partners: 370+
  • Currently Employing: 200+

Who We Are

Our office is located in Austin, TX, with over 200 employees (and growing!). We believe that every one of us has a story—made up by our life experiences. Our unique perspectives help us empathize with our users, feed what we should build, and ground us in the big picture of our role in the world (our mission). If you’d like to talk to someone about Aunt Bertha, please reach out to:

We are a certified Public Benefit Corporation. As a Certified B-Corp, we are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This fosters a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Company Boilerplate

Aunt Bertha is the leading referral platform for social services in America, serving the biggest cities and smallest towns. We connect people seeking help and the verified social care providers that serve them, with dignity and ease. We make it easy for people to find social services in their communities, for nonprofits to coordinate their efforts, and for organizations to integrate social care into the work they already do. We serve millions of users and our platform is used in a wide range of industries including education, government, housing, and healthcare.

How We Were Founded

Aunt Bertha was founded in the midst of a financial crisis by CEO Erine Gray. At the time, the demand for food stamps had increased so dramatically that the state didn’t have enough employees to process the applications for benefits. We all love to dream of a working safety net in this country, but what do we do when the safety net is broken? There seemed to be a clear gap that technology could fill. So, on August 31, 2010, Erine incorporated Aunt Bertha.

What We Do

We connect people with local nonprofits offering social services, and we support organizations with tools that help them provide the best service. We do this in a few ways.

  • We employ a data team dedicated entirely to finding, contacting, and adding programs to our site so that Seekers can type in their ZIP Code and find resources available to them in their area.
  • We employ a nation wide team of Community Engagement Managers who reach out to and connect with nonprofits, and engage them in our site. We offer them free tools to use for intake and referral tracking, and we train them on how to best use the platform.
  • We offer paid subscriptions to larger organizations so that they can integrate directly with their existing software and track Seekers across multiple service listings.


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Aunt Bertha is an open and focused social care network

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