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Guided Search

Remove the guesswork for your staff.

Expert Guidance

We partnered with Camden Coalition, a leading complex care innovator, to build the Guided Search Tool. Guided Search enables your staff to determine the best social intervention for clients based on a few simple questions.

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How it works

Guided Search gives your organization the ability to present a thoughtful, systematic approach to connecting clients in need with programs.

  1. Domains

    Look at specific areas of need.

  2. Drivers

    Identify more specifics related to your client.

  3. Interventions

    Choose from potential interventions.

  4. Program Search

    Enter your client's zip code to retrieve programs that fit their specific needs.

  5. Results

    Program listings are dynamically generated based on the selected intervention and your client's location.

  • “Aunt Bertha is so powerful because it combines the institutional knowledge of providers across Camden and makes that knowledge publicly available.”
    Dr. Jeffrey Brenner
    Founder, Camden Coalition