The Social Care Network

Aunt Bertha has the largest and most widely used social care network in the country, with at least 875 resources in each and every county.  This means that every referral is made on a living network that’s up and running.  Over the last decade our network has grown to over 380,000 locations (and increasing daily)!  Likewise, our direct engagement with many of these programs through onsite collaboration and claimed website listings is growing significantly in alignment with our mission of supporting nonprofits and other organizations that serve critical needs in their communities.

In the spirit of open access, we’re sharing key metrics and data about our living network below.  We’re excited for you to explore the incredible impact that Aunt Bertha has had nationwide, helping millions of people connect to programs and services to get the help they need.

Explore Our Connections

The interactive map below illustrates our comprehensive coverage of social care programs in every US county, including state and national programs.  We’ve invested time and focus over the last ten years on creating and maintaining an updated network of social care programs.  Our data operations team maintains the highest-quality and most widely-used social care network available.

Select any county to view the breakdown of program categories (such as housing and financial assistance) and use the map filter to select interactive geographic areas.

  • The program figures shown in each county include the number of parent organizations, not individual office locations.  There may be more than one office location in a given county.
  • In the chart shown in the map tooltip (rollover), categories are not mutually exclusive.  Many programs address multiple social care needs, such as those that offer both housing and work search services.
  • To download data, select the “download” icon in the footer toolbar.  If the download icon is disabled, click anywhere on the map worksheet and try again.  The data download will include variables shown on the map dashboard including county and program counts.

Program Growth and Engagement 2011-2019

Aunt Bertha has led a decade-long journey to catalog and engage social care programs across the country, growing from about 10,000 program locations in 2011 to over 385,000 in 2020. Highlight any of the data points in the chart to see the total number of program locations in our network within each calendar year.

Our network represents a two-way relationship with social care programs and organizations: nonprofit programs and organizations can claim their listing on our network, as well as use our free tools and resources.  Our community outreach team has fostered a steady increase in program engagement through support of network organizations, resulting in continuous growth of claimed program locations.

User Search Activity

Anyone can search for help on the Aunt Bertha website.  We believe that everyone should be able to find the help they need. Our search platform is free and open so people can search for resources with dignity, ease and without restrictions or gatekeepers. Over the last decade, awareness and use of this resource continues to grow.  The map below shows the growth in users since 2011 across the continental United States (organized by county).

  • User counts are approximate to ensure privacy (Users are counted in groups of 10 by county, by year).
  • User searches are tracked on the Aunt Bertha website through browser cookies.
  • Searches using the Aunt Bertha API are excluded.
  • Searches prior to 2015 are estimated based on program locations due to limited tracking.

Have specific reporting needs?

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