Ease of Use

Our platform is easy, quick, and intuitive for everyone.

An experience for all

We wanted to build a search that's usable for anyone, including people under significant stress, with limited computer skills, or a huge caseload. We spent time with people in need as well as service providers and designed a system for both.

Designed for accessibility

Our search and referral process is full accessible for users who use screen readers or wish to use our software using only a keyboard, meeting the full WCAG2.0 standards for accessible use. Users can also opt to translate the site into more than 100 available languages using the Google Translate feature that's built into the Platform.

Teammates Under Sun

Responsive design

Many lower income adults use their mobile devices as their gateway to the Internet; many older adults rely on tablets instead of computers. In fact, over 40% of Aunt Bertha users navigate our site via mobile. Our platform is fully responsive and accessible via desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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