Our customers are some of the most innovative organizations in the country, serving well over 100 million Americans. We're excited to be a small part of their mission.


Our approach is fundamentally different from any software provider in our space.

Aunt Bertha for Teams

Many organizations choose a premium version of our software that offers advanced features and dedicated support. Generally speaking, folks who upgrade to our paid products are part of a team that needs more than basic program search. Our customers usually like some combination of the following:

White Label

Retain your own branding & URL to create a customized search platform.

Guided Search

Determine the best social intervention for clients based on a few simple questions.

Integrations & Staff Workflow

Integrate into an existing system of record with Single Sign-on and APIs.

High Touch Support

Get a dedicated Customer Success Manager, monthly strategy sessions, and more.

Needs Assessments

Refine program search results by specific needs that your client identifies.

Premium Reporting

Get access to what's happening at the community level.

Features to Talk About

Aunt Bertha's social services directory is just the beginning of our offering—the meat of what we do is in the tools & services that close the referral loop (in other words, ensure that Seekers get help successfully). Here are just a handful of capabilities from our platform's vast feature set. Download a complete features list further below.

  • A Single Input

    It all starts with a ZIP Code. Enter any US ZIP Code to uncover a wealth of free and reduced cost programs serving that area. Our categorization and filtering criteria refines results down to the level of specificity needed, resulting in only the most relevant resources for a Seeker's unique needs.

    Zip Code Search


  • Collaboration

    Your staff can share referrals, navigation activity, and favorite folders with other team members in your organization, saving time and duplication of efforts. For example, your team may share a folder titled "Food Pantries" for the community kitchens that you frequently refer clients to.

    Team Share Options


  • Configurable Menu

    Arrange and name menu categories so that your staff members and users can easily find resources in terms that they recognize. For example, you may choose the phrase "Transportation" instead of "Transit" in your menu, or omit it altogether.

  • Configurable Results

    Prioritize programs you've vetted so that they appear first in search results. A "Featured" flag will highlight preferred programs. You may also influence the order of program results to suggest certain services for users. By assigning programs a ranking, you can control where programs surface in search results.

    Featured Flag

  • Referral Tracking

    When you connect someone to a free or reduced cost program, we make it easy with electronic referrals. For every program listing, staff members can easily refer a client with a click of a button. Once made, the status of the referral can be updated easily by the client, staff member, or program, allowing easy tracking. Take advantage of tools like Goal Tracking and Notes within your referral workflow.

    Referral Status Example

  • Responsive Design

    The Aunt Bertha Platform is fully responsive and easily used from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Tablets and mobile phones aren't just used by busy Case Workers in places like hospitals and schools. Many lower income adults use their mobile devices as their gateway to the Internet, and many older adults rely on their tablets for Internet access instead of a computer. In fact, over 40% of Aunt Bertha users navigate the site via mobile devices.

    Multiple Screens





  • Reviews

    Staff members can save and share valuable information about a specific program across groups. Along with evaluating which programs are great (or less than great), your staff can also leave notes—for example, who is the best contact at an organization. Notes can be shared with other members or just recorded for future reference.

    My Notes Tab

  • Translation

    Translate program listing content into over 100 available languages using the Google Translate feature that's built into our platform. Relieve the burden on foreign speaking staff members and other translation services resources at your organization. Send people in need directly to the Aunt Bertha Platform instead. We also include native Spanish translations of our core user interface on top of Google Translate.

    Spanish Menu

Features list

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