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Configuration Options

Customize elegant workflows for your staff and community partners.

White Label Search

Your community knows and trusts you; your organization is a valued brand. Our white label search option associates your trusted brand with Aunt Bertha's search functionality. With this option, you'll have your own branded interface for your clients.

Configurable menu

Arrange and name the top level categories and subcategories so that your staff members and clients can easily find resources in terms that they recognize.

Search results order

Prioritize programs you've vetted so they appear first in search results. A "Featured" flag will highlight preferred programs. You can also influence the order of program results to suggest certain services for clients. This gives programs a ranking (1-100), which will then influence where on search results the programs surface.

More Configurable Features

Approved Users

Limit registrations and logins to only those users with a whitelisted email domain.

Login Banner

Display a banner prominently on your website that prompts users to log in.

Guided Search

Label Domains, Drivers, & Interventions in navigation menus with your own terms.

Needs Assessments

Insert custom questions and responses, mapping them to multiple outputs.

Navigation Activity

Configure up to 3 additional dropdown fields on client navigation history & goals.

User Profiles

Configure up to ten additional fields within supported formats on client profile pages.

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