McAllen, Texas

By Ellen Chang, Contributor to Aunt Bertha A town with a population of 143,433 based on the latest census estimates, McAllen gained notoriety in 2009 when Atul Gawande, a surgeon, chronicled the healthcare costs of the 21st largest city in Texas. In his 2009 article for the New Yorker called “The Cost Conundrum,” Gawande found…


At Aunt Bertha, we’re seeing a growing disparity between searches for food assistance and the supply of local programs to meet demand, a trend that seems to be worsening with time.

With the new social care payment model being rolled out in 2020, there is an entirely new group of people whose health plans have specific financial incentives to connect them to certain social care services.

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So What’s Going to be Reimbursed? By Bella Kirchner, Special Projects Manager As we’ve written about previously in Part One of this series, one of the most significant changes in healthcare reimbursement was CMS’ (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) promise to start reimbursing Medicare Advantage plans for non-medical benefits beginning in 2020. Previously, supplemental…

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Health insurance plans will start to provide more social need benefits for patients.

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The healthcare reimbursement landscape is changing with the realization that addressing social, environmental, and behavioral needs are key to improving health outcomes and lowering healthcare costs.