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We know that housing is a critical need nationwide, now more than ever. With unemployment rising dramatically, public health at a critical risk, and stays of eviction expiring in communities across the U.S., nonprofits that support the homeless now have a substantially larger influx of those in need.  Research has shown that addressing housing needs…

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Like many of you, we’re working to adjust and adapt as COVID-19 concerns grow. We applaud the work organizations are doing to connect clients with the services they are seeking during this uncertain time. To support those efforts, we’d like to share a few free tools to lend a helping hand to those organizations and…

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Search trends on Aunt Bertha’s free platform are a proxy for where people are falling behind in a community and what their most critical needs are.

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by Erica Rodriguez, Community Engagement Coordinator As a Program Manager, you’ve been through this scenario more times than you can count… Your organization receives a referral or a request for services and your instinct is to immediately reach out to see how you can help the person being referred. However, you don’t have enough information…

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The Appointment Scheduling tool offers a way for Community Based Organizations listed on Aunt Bertha to easily create, schedule, and manage appointments with people in need.