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In every industry, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is important. In the space that Aunt Bertha works in – enabling community organizations, businesses, and Seekers (those who are seeking assistance) to connect with each other – it’s especially critical. Information on what help is needed and who needs it must flow efficiently to…

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Getting to college is a huge challenge, but for many students, having the basics to get by once they’re attending school is a significant barrier. Specifically, food and housing insecurity affects millions of college students every year. Food insecurity is a disruption of normal eating patterns resulting from a lack of money or other resources,…


At Aunt Bertha, we’re seeing a growing disparity between searches for food assistance and the supply of local programs to meet demand, a trend that seems to be worsening with time.

Searches for social services on Aunt Bertha follows the trail of devastation from natural disasters in 2018.

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Search trends on Aunt Bertha’s free platform are a proxy for where people are falling behind in a community and what their most critical needs are.

This map shows where Aunt Bertha’s 1.6 million users come from.


by Bella Kirchner, Special Projects Manager The longest government shutdown – 35 days – is coming to a (for now, temporary) halt. However, this has left more than 800,000 federal employees going without their second paychecks since the shutdown started, leaving some unable to pay for basic resources. Many federal employee are living paycheck to…