Educators Facing Their Toughest Challenge Yet

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Every year, K-12 educators shoulder an incredible burden in not only educating the nation’s children but ensuring their well-being. It’s no secret that, on average, K-12 educators are dismally paid given the importance of their roles — and this situation is further compounded by the out-of-pocket costs they have to incur. In fact, the Economic Policy Institute found in 2019 that public school teachers spend an average of $459 every year in un-reimbursed costs to make sure their students are properly equipped for their studies. And despite most schools shifting to some form of remote education this school year, these costs aren’t going away as teachers adapt their home environments to the needs of a remote classroom. 

Students and their families are in no better shape this year, especially for those most vulnerable to the economic impact of COVID-19. Resolve Magazine, a storytelling initiative funded by Aunt Bertha, recently published a story on how communities like Pueblo, CO are working together to make remote education accessible to all while educators across the country adapt to the new landscape. Yet families are having to cover the gap in care that schools traditionally provide while parents are working during the school day. For households that are already in a precarious state, these additional costs only add to the stress and mental toll that the year is taking on everyone. With economic uncertainty throughout the U.S. continuing into 2021, America’s families and educators need support more than ever before. 

Focusing on Support for Educators & Families Alike

Over the past 60 days, there have been more than 460,000 searches on our platform relating to food, housing, and education resources for those in need. The number of searches has trended upwards since the school year began, and unless there’s a rapid reversal in the current economic situation, it’s likely this will continue to be the case for the months ahead. 

We understand how complex the education sector can be, and the challenges that school districts and households face on a daily basis. In fact, the top search terms coming from .edu domains on our site are for ‘food pantries’ and ‘help pay for housing’ — highlighting the persistent, unmet social care needs that must be addressed. 

With more than 1,300 resources in each and every ZIP code across the country, our platform provides Seekers with unparalleled access to critical programs and social services. Working with our partners & customers, we continue to have a positive impact on the lives of those within American school districts — providing key information and resources to both educators and families to fill the gaps in our country’s social care net. 

We believe that educators — including teachers, social workers, and the administrators that play a critical role in student development and care — should be equipped with the resources to help their students during such challenging times. For more information on how Aunt Bertha’s platform can help your educational organization in the months ahead, please visit

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