This map shows the breakout of our 1.6 million users who searched for free and reduced cost services on Aunt Bertha during the first six months of 2018. Because we list programs in every Zip Code across the United States, you can see that searches originated from every part of the country, from urban metros to rural areas. Brighter shaded regions indicate a heavier concentration of searches, such as in the northeast corridor, Central Texas, and Central Florida.

One of the most important metrics for a social services software provider is the number of end users at a given time. The more people there are searching for help in one place, the more high quality resource providers (Community Based Organizations) there are actively monitoring incoming applicants from the platform. This will, in turn, draw even more end users who have a great experience, continuing to build a self-reinforcing network.

Aunt Bertha is, by many factors, the most utilized platform of any resource and referral system in the United States with over 1.6 million Seekers nationwide, and continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. We also host the largest network of Community Based Organizations on our platform. By joining this network made up of an installed user base already sending and receiving high volumes of referrals, you’ll be able to help your community immediately.