Announcing Appointment Scheduling

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By Emily Storozuk, Community Engagement Manager

We always begin team meetings at Aunt Bertha with our mission statement — “To connect all people in need and the programs that serve them (with dignity and ease).” As part of that mission, we strive to build products that help Community Based Organizations (providers of socials services) streamline their processes, work together, and most importantly, save time so they can better meet the needs of the people they serve.

We consistently hear from Program Administrators that they lack insight into their colleagues’ schedules and consequently double (or triple) book intake appointments. This leaves professionals at these organizations overworked and the people they help, confused. We believe there is a better way.  

The Appointment Scheduling tool offers a way for claimed Community Based Organizations (CBOs) listed on Aunt Bertha to easily create, schedule, and manage appointments with people in need of services as a key step in their intake process. Managing appointments can be stressful (on both sides), time consuming, and expensive. Our tool is free and simple to use.

CBOs will save time, resources, and can:

  • benefit from a full history of their touch points with a person in need, including appointments, all on one platform;
  • easily show availability for appointments at all program locations;
  • book appointments on behalf of people in need, or allow them to book for themselves;
  • schedule appointments for colleagues;
  • save calendar invites to colleagues’ work calendars

People In need get the dignity of an immediate response and can:

  • easily see when and where their appointment is;
  • see what documents or identification they’ll need to bring to their appointment;
  • get reminders via email or text message so they never miss an important appointment.

Interested in adding appointment scheduling to your program listings on Aunt Bertha? We’re so glad! Just click below and our team will set you up. Reminder: Appointment Scheduling is a completely free feature — all you have to do is claim your program listing.


As always, we’d love your feedback on our new Appointment Scheduling tool. Please send your thoughts to

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