We do this in four main ways

Building the network

Our team researches, verifies, and adds qualified programs to our listings so they’re easy to find on our search platform. Read about how we get our data.

Open access to search

Our program search, findhelp.org, is free, open to the public, and easy to use so anyone can find help and connect with programs in just a few clicks.

Referral and collaboration tools

Nonprofits that claim their programs can send and receive referrals directly on our platform. This makes it easier for them to collaborate, ensuring every person gets the help they need.

Focused Network

Strengthening connections

Organizations building social care initiatives encourage nonprofit partners to use our platform for making and receiving referrals.

Connecting the Dots:
How it works

We connect people with local nonprofits offering social services, and we support organizations with tools that help them provide the best service.

For Individuals

Open access to search on our network, completely free. We don’t do ads, we don’t market to people using the platform — an easy-to-understand and clean experience for users.

For Nonprofits

We support nonprofits with the Open Toolkit, a free dashboard of intake, referral, and analytics tools that empower them to help people in their communities more effectively.

For Customers

Our paid customers use a premium version of Aunt Bertha with advanced features like premium reporting, integrations, and dedicated support from our team. We partner closely with every customer to tailor the right tools and services for them.

At Aunt Bertha, meeting key regulations and protecting sensitive information is important to the integrity of the network. We’re proud to be among a small group of organizations around the world to earn HITRUST CSF Certification and HITRUST Certification of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for our site, endpoints, and supporting infrastructure.

What’s Different
About Aunt Bertha

A network is in place

After a decade of work, Aunt Bertha has the largest and most widely used social care network in the country, with at least 1,350 resources in each and every county. This means that every referral is made on a living network that’s up and running.

Open access to search

We believe that everyone should be able to find the help they need. Our search platform is free and open so people can search for resources with dignity, ease and without restrictions or gatekeepers.

To have impact, help, then measure

We all succeed when people get the help they need. Metrics are what we report, not what we chase.

Our Commitment

Millions of people use Aunt Bertha to find and connect with programs that serve them in their communities. Our network is now the largest and most widely used in the United States because we’ve designed every aspect of our platform for the people who are seeking help, first and foremost.

No login required — adding barriers to access excludes people when they need support the most.

No reselling of personal data — people deserve privacy while looking for help.

No shortcuts

When people seek help, they need to be sure that program information is reliable. That’s why our network is built by our in-house, Austin-based Data Operations team that finds and verifies information firsthand. Read about how we built our network. We never use bots or scraped data.

We are committed to building tools
to improve social care

We have a whole-system approach to the social care network: from making it easy for people to find help, to adding verified programs to the network — but also to building a platform that’s easy to use, and tools that support decision-making, strengthen partnerships, and improve resource allocation.

You think we might be
the right fit for your goals?

We are always interested in hearing
from potential partner organizations.

We’re a Certified B Corporation

What’s a B Corp? Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. As a B Corp, we are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.