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“I use Aunt Bertha’s social care network on a regular basis when assessing our clients’ needs..I know Aunt Bertha can be counted on to discover an appropriate referral that will truly benefit my clients..Aunt Bertha is an excellent resource for geo-specific resources and honors the assets of our communities..regardless of their size or stature.”

Tasha Cornish
Executive Director

“I work with military active duty, veterans, retirees, and widows. I can now readily assist a client with up-to-date, accurate information for them to follow up with. In some cases, where the client has no computer access, I can easily walk them through the process of obtaining critical information for them.”

Hero Care Network Volunteer Case Manager

“Aunt Bertha is so easy to use, promoting self-service. It doesn’t require a navigator or any middle man, which is important for students who want to find resources directly, in real-time. A good number of our students are returning visitors, made easy by the single-sign-on feature which encourages them to get help without having to log in again.”

Jodie Beatty
Vice Chancellor for Student Success

“A major part of what they did with us was that they flew In to our location and did two onsite training workshops with our nonprofit partners. That was VERY helpful from a momentum perspective. It was a big push project for us to be able to talk up how much they invest to make sure that we are able to support our nonprofit partners.”

Hilary Maynard
Community Resource Coordinator

“Aunt Bertha is an essential tool for Redwood Community Health Coalition and our member health centers to strengthen community and clinical linkages and advance health equity by prioritizing populations that experience the greatest disparities. We are thankful to the entire Aunt Bertha team for their support with not only the technical implementation but also the community engagement support and ongoing collaboration to grow the network.”

Michelle Rosaschi
Population Health Program Manager

Our Story

Our founder’s mother was diagnosed with a rare brain disease at 47. When he became responsible for her care he found out just how difficult it was to find and access social care. In 2010 he founded Aunt Bertha to make it easy for people to search for help and find nonprofits and programs that serve them.

To do this, we’ve verified and added hundreds of thousands of programs covering every county in the US. In the process, we’ve built tools to support helpers and partnered with customers to build social care programs in their organizations.

Who uses Aunt Bertha?

We want to make it easy for people to get the help they need. Searching for programs on Aunt Bertha is an important first step for people seeking help. We know how transformative that moment can be. But we also know that connecting with a program is only the beginning of the process.

Social care is complicated

We offer free access, support, training and tools for nonprofits to make it easier to receive and manage referrals.

We also offer subscriptions to customers looking to establish social care in their organizations.

By supporting different groups in the system, we’re building a more connected network with better results for all involved.

Here’s how it works





People look for services, create profiles, save searches, and connect directly. They can search anonymously anytime. Nonprofits claim their programs to manage the information that’s listed, send and receive referrals from people and other programs, and get access to our intake tools, all for free. Customers subscribe to Aunt Bertha to establish social care in their organizations. Subscriptions include custom search, system integrations, and dedicated service guided by our expert team.

What we offer

  • Easy-to-use, free search for local programs.
  • Reliable search results: every program on our network is vetted by a human.
  • Optional signup to create a profile.
  • Results filtered by need.
  • No ads or marketing.
  • More control over your program listing.
  • Qualified referrals from eligible applicants.
  • Referrals to/from other social care providers.
  • Referral tracking.
  • Free tools to schedule appointments and screen referrals.
  • Analytics reports with insights about demand for your services.
  • Free, in-person workshops to help you make the most of Aunt Bertha.
  • EHR integrations and APIs.
  • Branded search platform hosted on customer’s URL.
  • Preferred partner referral networks.
  • Premium reporting at the ZIP Code level that can complement census population health data.
  • Referral management and tracking.
  • Flat fee pricing, unlimited user accounts.
  • Collaboration tools for teams.

How they work together

  • People seek help directly on Aunt Bertha and receive free and reduced cost services from nonprofits.
  • People seek help on customer-branded websites and receive free and reduced cost services from referred nonprofits.
  • People update Aunt Bertha when they receive services from nonprofits.
  • Nonprofits receive referrals on Aunt Bertha and help people.
  • Helpers at nonprofits screen applicants with Aunt Bertha’s free intake tools.
  • Helpers update Aunt Bertha when people receive services.
  • Helpers make follow-on referrals for additional services.
  • Nonprofits collaborate with customers to establish a multidisciplinary approach to social care.
  • Customer care teams refer people to nonprofits and social care providers on Aunt Bertha.
  • Customers invest in building relationships with local nonprofits, aided by Aunt Bertha’s Community.
  • Engagement team, for a lasting social care network.
  • Customers host workshops for local nonprofits for referral success.

Does it cost anything?

No. No. Yes. See Pricing for more information.

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