Aunt Bertha is the largest closed loop referral network for social services in the United States, serving 1.8 million people (and growing).

Every State, Every Town

Just enter your ZIP Code—we cover the entire US—and you'll find hundreds, sometimes thousands, of free and reduced cost social services that help people during tough times.


The Largest Network of Resource Providers

Our free intake management tools for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) encourage resource providers to join our network with little effort. CBOs are up and running immediately with a state-of-the-art suite of tools to reach more people in their areas.


Ethically Sourced Data

(Every listing is approved by someone on our in-house Data Operations Team)


Aunt Bertha for Teams

We're already connecting millions of Americans to available social services in their community. We'd love to work with your organization to develop a systematic way for your clients to access free and reduced cost resources.

Light Bulb Trio

Leading Brands Use Aunt Bertha

Our customers are some of the most innovative organizations out there, serving well over 100 million Americans. We're excited to be a small part of their mission.

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